What is Co-Employment?

When working with DMC HR Management Services, your practice enters into a human resources partnership with the professional staff at DMC. We become the "Employer of Record" and are responsible for:

  • Benefit administration including medical, retirement and paid time off (PTO)
  • Employee handbooks, job descriptions, and policies
  • Hiring, and new employee orientation
  • Employee coaching
  • Federal and state compliance
  • Payroll and tax filing

Your practice continues to be responsible for:

  • Business operations
  • Day-to-day activities
  • Focusing on growing your practice

How would my team benefit from DMC HR Management Services?

Your employees receive comprehensive benefit administration including medical insurance, retirement plan options, flex spending accounts for medical and daycare expenses. Your team also receives the same PTO (paid time off).

Your employees are supported by a professional HR team that can assist them with all of their administration needs. There's no need for you to deal with all the employment issues that arise. We manage all employee-related matters and help staff grow and achieve success through effective coaching.

What our Dentists say


"They don’t train dentists how to run a business in dental school, and that’s where Moda Health Services helps. With their employee leasing services, I can focus on being a dentist instead of worrying about the always changing labor laws or benefits administration."

Dr. Matthew Goodhue
Oswego Dental Care, OR